(Low Occupancy Gallery)

LOG is an experimental art gallery rooted in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Thriving on the integrated nuances between country and city, public and private, LOG presents exhibitions with artists whose work can fall outside the confines of a pressure driven art market.

LOG’s first exhibition space was the Sugar Shack, a rustic structure located on the side of a wooded hill next to Morgan Creek in Chapel Hill, NC. Visitors to the Sugar Shack were encouraged to enter the space in solitude to view each exhibition. LOG occupied the Sugar Shack from September 2015 through July 2016. 

In November of 2016, LOG presented part one of a three part miniseries at Lump in Raleigh, NC. Background featured works by Lauren Clay, Julia Gartrell, and Angelina Gualdoni. Deadpan, the second installment of LOG at Lump, ran March 3 thru April 1 of 2017 and included works by Kerry Law, Alex O'Neal, and Kirsten Stoltmann. Part three of LOG at Lump, Data Plan for a Preserving Machine, featured works by Elizabeth Ferry, Takashi Horisaki, and William Paul Thomas. 

LOG goes back to the woods late fall of 2017. Stay tuned! 

Many thanks to all who visited and supported LOG’s first season at the Sugar Shack and LOG's miniseries at Lump. To stay up to date on LOG’s news, please get in touch to be added to the email list.

Contact: logintolog(at)gmail.com

LOG’s co-directors are Maria Britton and April Childers.